3D jewellery software


Version 9.511


Even more reasons to choose 3DESIGN CAD software


  • There is no other software required to run 3DESIGN.

  • The software is over 20 years old, making it a reliable software to work with. 

  • It is the only jewellery CAD solution that runs on both Macintosh and Windows.

  • Design in virtual metal and stones, not wire frames, making it easy to visualise your model as you design.

  • The fact that you can modify your design within minutes proves it a powerful software to work with.

  • You can import and export as 3DM,STL, OBJ, STEP, IGES, EPS / AI files.

3DESIGN is available in 3 versions

3DESIGN Atelier:

This entry-level software is ideal for those on a budget and new to the industry.

Allowing you to create your own STL* files.

3DESIGN Designer:

This is a more advanced version of 3DESIGN.

 Perfect for new CAD designers and companies requiring multiple licenses. 

There is no STL export option. Use a Professional licence or one of our recommended

Partners to help with the STL conversion.

3DESIGN Professional:

This is the premium version of the software with all 3DESIGN tools.

Create your own STL files and 3D print away!

Designer and Professional licences include an entry-level version of 3SHAPER

Sub-division modelling software.

You can upgrade your Atelier or Designer to a Professional licence by paying the price difference.

*STL stands for Standard Tessellation Language 

Or STereoLithography.

This is a widely used file format for 3D printing.

For Student licencing options, please contact us.

Parametric Technology gives you the power to modify your piece at any given time

3DESIGN bridges the gap between designers, retailers and the end client allowing everyone to contribute to the design.

3DESIGN's genuine Parametric Technology automatically remembers every step you take, every tool you use in a History Tree. This gives you instant editing on any part of your design. Save yourself time when you have deadlines and quick changes to make. There is no need to start from scratch!

Let 3DESIGN make your life as a CAD designer far less frustrating and more enjoyable.

3DESIGN is ideal for everyday and bespoke jobs.

Create traditional, bespoke or mass production jewellery.

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