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What is CAD?

Computer-Aided Design is a technology used to design with the help of a computer.

 It can be 2-Dimentional or 3-Dimensional.

What is CAM?

As the next step after CAD, Computer-Aided Manufacturing refers to the use of software

to control machine tools used in manufacturing processes. Enabling a faster, accurate and more

precise production of components.

Why is this technology used?

It allows for flexibility, meaning you can work from home, on the train, anywhere…

It gives you the ability to create virtual stock versus physical stock.

It allows for better communication between you and your clients by sending renders / videos.

It is all about saving time or cutting out any room for error.



Who is Type3?

Type3, the software division of the Gravotech Group whose Headquarters are in Lyon, France.
They created 3DESIGN in 1999. With nearly 30 years' experience in developing

artistic CAD/CAM software, Type3 has an extensive range of software for

the Jewellery, Watch, Accessories, Signage and Engraving industries. 

3SHAPER, DeepImage™, TypeEdit and LaserType software are also developed by them.

The Gravotech Group has 17 Subsidiaries and over 900 Employees.

Type3 has 50 Dealers around the world.


How do I purchase a license for 3DESIGN, 3SHAPER or DeepImage™?

Licences can be purchased by 

Calling us +44 7588 696 691 or emailing us.

Let us know what package you would like to purchase.

How do I know what software package is best for me?

We are here to guide you according to your budget and design requirements.

Please give us a call or send us an email.

How can I see the software capabilities before purchasing?

There are two ways:

1. Contact us for a one-to-one demo.

2. Register for our monthly webinars.

*Please note all demos are presently online.

How and where do I download 3DESIGN?

After purchasing 3DESIGN, you can download the software from the 3DESIGN Forum.

You must set up a Forum account with valid client details. 

What do I receive by purchasing the software?

You will receive a box including 3 items:
1.  Instructions on how to install 3DESIGN.
2. A USB key with the installation files.
3. A Nodelock Dongle (like a car key) to start your software.

I am a Student. How do I get a Student licence?

Please email us a copy of your valid Student ID.

It must have your photo, your name, the name of the educational institute

and current school term clearly written.


How to get started with 3DESIGN?

Once you become a 3DESIGN client, you are advised to set up an account on the Forum.

On this platform you can interact with other 3DESIGN users worldwide.

You will be provided with built-in PDF tutorials and access to our

3DESIGN Training Lounge for the first 12 months. 

How long will it take me to learn the software?

This will all depend on how much time you dedicate to learning.

If you are able to take training with one of our trainers, this will speed up the learning curve.

We recommend following all 3DESIGN tutorials and joining our live

monthly webinars to pick up tips.

What sort of Training or Support is offered?

We can provide you with one-to-one training or group classes.

Support is available over the phone, via email and through remote access to your computer.


What are the minimum computer requirements to run the software?

Please check that your computer is compatible with the below PDFs.

3DESIGN, 3SHAPER, DeepImage™ compatibility

TypeEdit and LaserType compatibility

Are you compatible with the latest Mac OS and Windows 10?

Yes, 3DESIGN, 3SHAPER and DeepImage™ run on Windows 10 and on Mac OS Catalina 10.15.

TypeEdit and LaserType software are not Mac compatible. 

How can I update my dongle driver?

Go to Thales website

For Windows users, look for “Sentinel HASP/LDK Windows GUI Run-time Installer”

For Mac users, look for “Sentinel HASP/LDK Mac OS X Runtime GUI Installation”

The driver number ends for example as 8.11

Verify the update was successful via http://localhost:1947/_int_/diag.html 

The Run-time Installer number must be the same as the driver number.

How do I update my graphic driver?

We recommend using Nvidia or AMD graphic cards.

Nvidia drivers can be updated here

AMD drivers can be updated here.


Contact us for further help.

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