2D, 2.5D and 3D artistic engraving software that is compatible with a multitude of CNC and router machines. Compatible with machines such as Datron. As a laser version of Type Edit, Laser Type allows you to work with laser machine such as Acsys.

This software is used worldwide in various industries ranging from die-making, mold engraving, signage, jewellery, tooling, wood work and many more.

TYPE CAD is the Computer Aided Drawing module of TYPE EDIT Software. You can design 2D vectors, clean any imported jobs, trim and improve your artwork prior to being machined.

TYPE ART is the 3D Computer Aided Drawing module of TYPE EDIT Software. Create 3D bas relief, intaglio from your directly from your vectors. Or create your own curve sweeps and texture.

TYPE CAM is the Computer Aided Manufacturing module of TYPE EDIT Software. Within this module gathering various tool-paths can be created for Cutting, Engraving, Drilling, Nesting, Sequencing...

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Version 13


Version 13

For system requirements, please download a copy of our recommended computer specifications here​. 

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