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3Design is renowned for its parametric or associative technology, which allows for modifications at a later stage without having to start from scratch. By adjusting the design with a few simple clicks, the design is transformed within a matter of minutes.
This software helps bridge the gap between jewellery designers, retailers and the end client, allowing the client to be a part of the design process.
3Design is ideal for everyday and bespoke jobs. Its compatibility with both PC and Mac makes it every designer’s dream.

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Version 9.510

Create traditional, bespoke or mass production jewellery within 3Design. Use the history tree to adjust your design. Modifications are automatic; a BIG time saving factor when deadlines and quick changes need to be made.


Version 2 Pro

3Shaper is ideal for designers interested in pushing the boundaries even further and to include freeform and organic shapes to their models. Using subdivision modelling, designers can push, twist and bend models like they would with clay.


Version 2

Forget about photo shoots! If you are looking for a quick and simple rendering system, DeepImage is the one for you. This photo-realistic module is easy to use by simply dragging and dropping your materials from the gallery.

For system requirements, please download a copy of our recommended computer specifications here

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