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Even more reasons to choose 3SHAPER CAD software


  • Easily manoeuvre between 3DESIGN and 3SHAPER- it is the same interface.

  • Use colour and attributes to build your History Tree.

  • Use the Retopology tool for reverse engineering. Rebuild and rework surfaces by importing OBJ and STL files.

3SHAPER modelling software can be purchased as a plug-in or standalone product

3SHAPER is ideal for designers interested in pushing the boundaries even further and to include freeform and organic shapes to their models. Designers can push, twist and bend models like they would with clay.

Produce complex forms accurately and convert subdivision models into a NURBS based format.

This allows for further interaction with 3DESIGN tools.

Start off with a 2D or 3D form and manipulate the faces, edges or vertices. Divide these surfaces in smaller and smaller divisions to add more precision to the design.


Version 2 Pro

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