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Support services for 3DESIGN in

UK and Ireland

Need technical support with 3DESIGN?

Contact Sierra Consultancy now for official support


All new purchases of 3DESIGN include 12 months FREE and unlimited access to the 3DESIGN Members Training Lounge. (This is valid for 3DESIGN Professional, Designer and Atelier licences.)

Technical Support from Sierra Consultancy is also included for the first 6 months.

We will always help you if your program is not working with or without a Support Contract.

*Please note Technical Support is designed to help trained users when faced with technical questions or difficulties but cannot be used for training purposes and does not replace training.

When contacting us for support, please have the following information at hand:​

  • The name and version of the software you are using.

  • Your computer Operating System (for example:  I am a PC Windows 11 user or a Mac OS Ventura user).

  • A copy of the design file and issue you are facing.

Frequently asked questions about Support

Q: How can I get support?

A: We have a number of free options available:

  • 3Design Forum: on this platform you can interact with 3DESIGN users worldwide. Remember there is always more than one way to create a design. Plus get tips and tricks from each other.

  • 3Design Training Lounge: this is exclusively for new clients and clients with a Support or Maintenance Contract. Inside the lounge you will find step-by-step video tutorials to get you started and support you during the early stages of learning the software.

  • Call or email us with the issue you are facing. Please always attach your design file so we can read your History Tree.

  • There are occasions that we need to set up a remote session using TeamViewer. Please download the latest version of TeamViewer beforehand.

  • Subscribe to an annual Support Contract or Maintenance Contract. Please contact us for prices.

Q: What is a Support Contract?

A: Once your free support has expired, you can purchase a Support Contract.

The contract entitles you to:

  • 6 months priority support. 

  • 12 months unlimited access to the 3DESIGN Training Lounge. 

  • Discounts on additional licences, software and services.

Q: What is a Maintenance Contract?

A: The additional benefits of a Maintenance Contract is that it includes one update of 3DESIGN, monthly online workshops, discounts on software and training and dongle insurance. This means if you are using an older version of 3DESIGN one update will be given to you. Contact us for full terms and conditions. 

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