Easy-to-use software for CAD jewellery design and 3D rendering

Bring your sketches to life with 3DESIGN’s intuitive jewellery design & model making software

Best for CAD Jewellery Design

Create your own catalogue of jewellery within this genuinely parametric software. See 3DESIGN.

Best for Organic / Sub-Division 3D Modelling

Ideal for designers interested in pushing the boundaries further with their models. See 3SHAPER.

Best for Photo-Realistic 3D Rendering Images, Videos and Animations


Simply drag and drop your materials in this powerful rendering studio. See DeepImage™.

Review of 3DESIGN:

“I chose 3DESIGN for 3 reasons. I felt as a complete novice to CAD that this would be the easiest to learn from scratch, without it being limited in its’ capabilities. I found the parametric feature very appealing. Lastly, after speaking with each of the companies on my CAD shortlist, Pooja inspired the most confidence about the product, ongoing support and the initial and (optional) ongoing training.”

Martin Furber, Director, Strongfields The Jeweller

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