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The easiest CAD jewellery design software for jewellers

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Are you a luxury jeweller but a CAD novice?

Easily draw and visualise your creations with 3DESIGN software

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Version 12.000

3DESIGN is here to make your life as a jeweller far less frustrating. This easy-to-use CAD jewellery design software brings your creation to life in virtual metal and stones.

Forget the traditional struggles of using CAD packages with wireframes or tools meant for engineers. 3DESIGN enables you to:

  • Produce your 3D renders in-house instantly in colour

  • Design with confidence, even if your team has not used CAD before

  • Easily tweak designs in front of your customers and delight them

Is 3DESIGN the best jewellery design software for me?

Are you a professional fine jeweller?

Have you experienced delays and mistakes when outsourcing 3D CAD designs?

Would you like to produce CAD designs in-house but your team lacks experience?


Then 3DESIGN is the perfect jewellery CAD solution for your business. The software is ideal for everyday and bespoke jobs. Create traditional, bespoke or mass production jewellery.


Reasons that luxury jewellers love 3DESIGN over traditional CAD software include:


  • Instantly edit any part of your design

  • Automatically record the history of every step you take

  • Work in colour from the moment you start


Why is this CAD jewellery software easier to use?

When you have quick changes to make, 3DESIGN's genuine Parametric Technology lets you modify any piece at any time.


When you have deadlines to meet this saves you huge amounts of time – there is no need to start from scratch!

Even more reasons to choose 3DESIGN jewellery software:

  • It is the only jewellery CAD solution that runs on both Mac and Windows.

  • You can import and export as 3DM, STL, OBJ, STEP, IGES, EPS / AI files.

  • The software is reliable to work with, developed over 20 years ago.

  • There is no other software required to run 3DESIGN.


3DESIGN reviews

"Co-collaboration with our customers is a big part of our creation process, the parametric changes allowed by 3DESIGN means that various options or tweaks to designs are easy to accomplish and result in us not feeling like we have to start from scratch each time these variations are tried.”

Adam Evans, CAD Manager, Diamond Centre Wales

“3DESIGN has a really pleasing interface that makes it comfortable to navigate around. You get instant gratification with the creation you are working on, by seeing it come alive in the material of your choice. For custom-made and mass-produced articles, 3DESIGN offers the best solution on the market.”

Roz Buehrlen, Director

Frequently asked questions about 3DESIGN

Q: How much does 3DESIGN cost in the UK & Ireland?

A: Prices for 3DESIGN differ based on the version and number of licences. Students discounts are available. As the official reseller, Sierra Consultancy offers all three versions of 3DESIGN software for jewellery design. These are:


3DESIGN Professional:

The premium version of the software with all tools. Create your own STL* files and 3D print away!

Includes an entry-level version of 3SHAPER sub-division modelling software.


3DESIGN Designer:

Perfect for new CAD designers and companies requiring multiple licenses, but there is no STL export option**.

Includes an entry-level version of 3SHAPER sub-division modelling software.

**Use a Professional licence or one of our recommended Partners to help with the STL conversion.


3DESIGN Atelier:

This is the entry-level software is for ideal for those on a budget and new to the industry and on a budget.

Allowing you to create your own STL* files. It does not include 3SHAPER.


You can upgrade your Atelier or Designer to a Professional licence by paying the price difference.

*STL stands for Standard Tessellation Language, or STereoLithography.

This is a widely used file format for 3D printing.

Q: What is the best laptop or Mac to use this software?

A: This high performance 3D jewellery software for Mac and PC works requires a modern computer.

View our recommended computer specifications here.

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