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Engraving software for CNC and lasers: Presenting TypeEdit for jewellery and artistic CAD/CAM

Your easy-to-use engraving design software for 2D, 2.5D or 3D within any materials, on CNC milling or laser machines.


Discover TypeEdit and LaserType, your artistic design CAD/CAM software for engraving with CNC or laser, on 2D or 3D surfaces. Used for jewellery, watchmaking, woodwork, die-making, mould engraving and more!

  • Achieve high-detail engraving, marking, cutting, and carving

  • Supports creations in any material, on any CNC milling machine or with laser

  • Easy to transform 2D into 3D

Is TypeEdit the best engraving software for CNC for me?

Do you require easy-to-use tools for 2D, 2.5D or 3D artistic engraving?

Do you wish to work in any material?

Do you require compatibility with most machines?

TypeEdit is a complete artistic CAD/CAM package for flat or complex 3D creations. The software is easy to use, helping you to quickly build accurate vectors and transform them into 3D machining.

Compatible with most CNC machines

TypeEdit is also compatible with most CNC and router machines – including machines such Datron. This versatility is why the software is popular is many fields ranging from jewellery to signage, woodworking to tooling.

logo 4 x 4 inches- TE.png

Version 14 Build 5


Create 2D, 2.5D and 3D designs suitable for engraving machines.

Is LaserType the best laser engraving design software for me?

Do you require CAD/CAM compatible with laser machines such as Acsys?

Then you will love LaserType, the laser version of TypeEdit, to achieve your creations.

logo 4 x 4 inches- LT.png

Version 14 Build 5

Make your designs compatible with laser machinery such as Acsys.

TypeEdit reviews from

“TypeEdit is probably the only artistic software capable of handling such level of accuracy that my customers request.”

“With non-modern CNC the software has been incredibly improving the quality within my creations.”

“TypeEdit was perfect to merge my artistic skills to a mass production need.”

Frequently asked questions about TypeEdit

Q: What is the price of TypeEdit?

A: The price of TypeEdit varies according to which of its three modules you choose. These are listed below. The modules allow you to upgrade the software according to your needs. For pricing contact Sierra Consultancy, the official reseller for the UK, Ireland and India.

Q: What modules does TypeEdit have?

A: TypeEdit offers three modules:

TYPE CAD is the 2D Computer Aided Drawing module of TypeEdit software. You can design 2D vectors, clean any imported jobs, trim and improve your artwork prior to being machined.​

TYPE ART is the 3D Computer Aided Drawing module of TYPE EDIT Software. Create 3D bas relief, intaglio from your directly from your vectors. Or create your own curve sweeps and texture.

TYPE CAM is the Computer Aided Manufacturing module of TYPE EDIT Software. Within this module gathering various tool-paths can be created for Cutting, Engraving, Drilling, Nesting, Sequencing.

Q: What is the best laptop or PC for TypeEdit software?

A: This high performance engraving CAD/CAM software requires a modern computer.

View our recommended computer specifications here.

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