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Develop your skills with 3DESIGN jewellery CAD courses and tutorials

It’s easy to learn 3DESIGN with our step-by-step courses and online tutorials, for beginner to advanced skills.

Progress your skills easily from novice to expert in CAD jewellery design with 3DESIGN courses and online tutorials from Sierra Consultancy for the UK, Ireland and India.


At Sierra Consultancy we offer full training and support, as the official 3DESIGN reseller for the UK, Ireland and India. We provide you with access:


  • One-to-one or group classes

  • Online courses or in-person 

  • Online tutorials in the 3DESIGN ‘Training Lounge’

  • YouTube video tutorials

Jewellery CAD courses – now available online

Many jewellers are new to CAD software when they purchase 3DESIGN. While the software is easy to use, for beginners or those with no formal training, we highly recommend training for you or your team, whether an in-person course or online class.


The training course will teach you best practices that will enhance the speed and quality of your jewellery design work every day, maximising your return on investment in the software.

UK and Ireland in-person courses

We offer you the opportunity to be trained by our director Pooja Sahny, who is based in the UK and recognised by the Goldsmiths' Craft and Design Council for her jewellery CAD skills. In 2019, Pooja helped to write the brief and judge their 2020 competition in the category of 3D Design CAD. She was asked to return in 2021 to judge the Technology Innovation category.

Training with Sierra Consultancy is available on a one-on-one basis or for your team across the UK, Ireland and India. Enquire now.

City of Glasgow College short course

Our new educational partner, the City of Glasgow College (CGC) caters to students and professionals seeking a weekend course for 3DESIGN CAD software. 

  • Glasgow, UK

  • Online, Worldwide

CAD Jewellery Skills short course

Jack Meyer from the CAD Jewellery Skills (CJS) provides various levels of 3DESIGN CAD Courses. 

  • London, UK

  • Online, Worldwide


Jewellery Academy of Wales short course

If you're looking for an evening course, look no further than the Jewellery Academy of Wales (JAWS) 3DESIGN CAD Beginners' Courses.

  • Cardiff, UK

  • Online, Worldwide


British Academy of Jewellery short course

3DESIGN CAD Beginners' Courses are taught publicly by the British Academy of Jewellery (BAJ) on a regular basis. 

  • London, UK

  • Online, Worldwide

If any of the courses interest you, Sierra Consultancy will provide guidance on the right course for you, as we have a long-standing relationship with all our 3DESIGN CAD professional trainers. Please note that many of the sessions are being taught online, if you are interested in a in-person training course, contact us directly for dates and prices.

CAD jewellery design courses for India

Are you in India and looking for CAD jewellery courses for 3DESIGN? Presently, our training is conducted in-person in Surat, in Gujarati. If you are looking for training in Hindi or English, contact us directly for dates and location.

3DESIGN tutorials and videos: Training Lounge and Forum

Customers can access the 3DESIGN Forum and Training Lounge. The Training Lounge is ideal to use for those looking for self-learning tutorial videos.

The 3DESIGN community forum connects you internationally with users and the official support team, to answer your questions and discuss best practices.


Book your Discovery Demo for free training taster!

To give yourself a taste of what to expect in 3DESIGN courses and tutorials, we invite you to book a FREE online discovery demonstration.

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