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Create organic 3D jewellery models easily in 3SHAPER

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Sculpt free-flowing and organic 3D shapes for your jewellery. Presenting 3SHAPER, the easy 3D modelling software for 3DESIGN


Version 2 Pro

3SHAPER is the 3D modelling software you need to produce organic and freeform shapes for creative jewellery. Easy to use with 3DESIGN CAD.


Sculpt your organic jewellery designs like you would with wax or clay. With 3SHAPER, your designs have no limits:


  • Shape designs the way you want them, easily in 3D

  • Push, pull, twist and bend models freely

  • Create custom shapes for new trends and collections, e.g. plants, animals, etc.

Is 3SHAPER the best 3D jewellery modelling software for me?

Do you ever design jewellery with organic shapes?

Do you want to control surface variations?

Do you wish to sculpt your ideas freely?


You will find 3SHAPER is your ideal choice for 3D jewellery modelling:


  • Work seamlessly with 3DESIGN

  • Envision 3D organic shapes

  • Rebuild and rework surfaces using Retopology

  • Control distortions, surface textures and finishes

  • You can export as STL, OBJ, STEP, IGES


How does 3SHAPER work?

Subdivision surface modelling

Start off with a 2D or 3D form and manipulate the faces, edges or vertices. Divide these surfaces in smaller and smaller divisions to add more precision to the design. This is easy with 3SHAPER’s proven ‘Sub-D’ technology.

Reverse engineering

Use the Retopology tool for reverse engineering by importing a 3D scanned object as an OBJ or STL file. Rebuild this scan into something new.

Integrates with 3DESIGN

Easily manoeuvre between 3DESIGN and 3SHAPER- it is the same interface.

Full design history

Use colour and attributes to build your History Tree, so you can morph ideas and undo changes.

3SHAPER reviews from

“I am no longer limited with my designs.”


“Once you understand the foundation of 3SHAPER your designs have no limits.”


"An intuitive piece of software. It took [my team] a week to familiarise themselves with the software.”


“It has been a short learning curve… as the interface of 3DESIGN and 3SHAPER are alike.”

Frequently asked questions about 3DESIGN’s 3SHAPER

Q: What is the price of 3SHAPER in the UK & Ireland?

A: 3SHAPER price is discounted when purchased as a plug-in with 3DESIGN. Free downloads are not available, however student discounts are. Click here to discuss pricing and details.


Q: What is ‘Sub-D’ or subdivision modelling?

This type of modelling allows designers to pull, push, twist and bend any 3D form, like you would a piece of clay. Manipulate the faces, edges or vertices of your object.


Q: What is the best laptop or Mac to use 3SHAPER software?

A: This high performance 3d jewellery modelling software for Mac and PC works requires a modern computer. Download our recommended computer specifications here.

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