Presenting 3DESIGN V10

Think. Click. Create.

Evolving with our clients and keeping your design files safe

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Version 10

Discover the new features of 3DESIGN V10 software

Finding the perfect balance between technical skill and creativity.

  • 50 new features including 20 new tools

  • Protect your design files with our 3D Safe - keep them secure and allow only authorised users to open them

  • Create your own Super Actions tools that can be saved and modified

  • Running up to 17% faster than previous versions

  • Improved user experience

Do you want to become a "Super User" creating "Super Actions"?

The word Super says it all!

Super Actions allow you to “record” repetitive steps and save them as your very own customisable tool accessible within 3DESIGN. 

Tools can be created from simple repetitive tasks to complex new builders, saving you and your colleagues time in the design process.

Some of the new automated features to speed up your design process:

  • Bangle builder - A versatile tool that can be used as a necklace builder

  • Bail builder - Ideal for your necklaces and pendants 

  • Pave offset - Prepares your surface for manufacturing

  • Charms - Take any shape and turn it into a trinket

  • Bar setting - Easily produce your eternity rings

  • Super bulge - Giving you a smooth filleted finish

  • Pyramid - Create as many edges as you want

Work comfortably with this high performance 3D jewellery software on either PC or Mac Operating Systems.

You get to choose. 


3DESIGN V10 is compatible with Windows 10 Professional 64-bit and Mac Mojave 10.14 to Mac Big Sur 11.2.3

Download our recommended computer specifications here.

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