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Presenting 3DESIGN V11 software for jewellers. Think. Click. Create.

3DESIGN CAD software keeps evolving with feedback from bench jewellers.
Explore the parametric features in the new version V11.

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Version 11.000

Join our exploration of 3DESIGN V11 as we delve into the new features.

This latest version is the perfect balance between technical details and creativity. 

3DESIGN developers listened to what 3DESIGN users worldwide wanted and implemented these improvements in V11. There are now 50 new features to explore including 20 new tools!​ 

  • The interface is compatible with high resolution screens, allowing users to scale the size of all tools and text.

  • Forget about the software running at a slow speed! V10 runs now up to 17% faster than previous versions.

  • Unable to find a particular item you have created? The new search bar available for both the History Tree and 3DESIGN library will help you find it.

  • The 3DESIGN library has a new handle, making it easier to lift it up and discretely hide away.

  • Import your own background as a cube map and use it as a reflection. Let this reflect on your metal and stones. Multiple backgrounds can be imported.

  • Have your stone sizes and spacing between each stone displayed while you are working in Advanced Pave.

  • Quickly select your items by either creating a bounding box in your work area, as you would in sketch, or in “paintbrush” mode.

  • There are drop down menus available for you to select your axis when using tools. 

  • Protect your files inside a 3D Safe, allowing you to keep your designs secure and enabling only authorised users to open them.

  • Create your own Super Action tools that can be saved and modified.

Do you want to become a 3DESIGN "Super User" creating "Super Actions"?

The word Super says it all!

The new Super Action feature with 3DESIGN V10 allows you to “record” repetitive steps and save them as your very own customisable tool accessible within the software. 

Tools can be created from simple repetitive tasks to complex new builders, saving you and your colleagues time in the design process. Super Actions can be shared with other team members. 

Think. Click. Create.

The latest automated features in 3DESIGN V11 that will speed up your CAD design process:

3DESIGN Pave Offset

Pave Offset

Use your pave stone positions to create a clean surface for manufacturing. Adjust the height and offset distance of this surface. For jewellers regularly working with cluster and halo settings, this tool is a valuable addition to 3DESIGN.​

3DESIGN Barrette Setting

Barrette Setting

This tool will help you design eternity rings. After choosing your finger/ring size, 3DESIGN will automatically place a fixed number of stones, which can be adjusted to a half or full eternity ring. Create an object to place between each stone and the software will turn this into a claw/prong for you.  


3DESIGN Super Dome

Super Dome

Select any curve or edge in 3DESIGN and convert it into a smooth 3D surface or solid. This tool is ideal for rounding off the ends of open shanks and hoop earrings.

3DESIGN Super Sweep

Super Sweep

If you need to create multiple wires or cutting lines, this tool will save you time. Within a matter of minutes all your selected curves in 3DESIGN are transformed into solids. Each wire shape and size can be adjusted individually at any point. 

3DESIGN Super Facette

Super Facette

Imagine thinking about all the geometry behind making a flat edged ring from scratch. Well, now there is no need to! 3DESIGN will create all the angles of these edges according to the few parameters you input. 

3DESIGN Bangle Builder


This feature automatically creates the ellipse path and gives you the ability to adjust the opening angle. You can select from a range of profiles in the 3DESIGN library or create your own. This versatile tool can also be used as a necklace builder.

3DESIGN Bail Builder


Don't want to create a necklace or pendant bail from scratch? Use this builder and easily tweak the shape, size and material of ready-to-use bails. Add this to your 3DESIGN library to start building your catalogue

Any many more... Contact us for 3DESIGN V11 download links and further information about the new features.

Please note that the new automated features are only available in 3DESIGN Designer and 3DESIGN Professional licences.*

* Read about our 3DESIGN licence types

Work comfortably with this high performance 3D jewellery software on either PC or Mac Operating Systems.

You get to choose. 


3DESIGN V11 is compatible with Windows 10 & Windows 11 Professional 64-bit  

Mac OS Mojave 10.14 to Mac OS Monterey 12.6

Download our recommended computer specifications here.

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