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“Render your creation easily in 3D”

See why professional jewellers love 3DESIGN CAD software and training


Are you a professional jeweller frustrated by delays and mistakes when outsourcing your 3D CAD designs?

Easy-to-use 3DESIGN jewellery software

Is your business ready to:

  • Take control of your jewellery 3D CAD designs in-house?

  • Avoid the pain of hard-to-learn CAD and rendering software?

  • Offer an in-house bespoke service?

Sierra Consultancy helps professional jewellers who have struggled with traditional CAD CAM packages. We provide 3DESIGN from Gravotech- the easy-to-use software exclusively for jewellers.

We help luxury jewellers to delight customers with stunning 3D jewellery designs and engravings.

From novice to expert in CAD jewellery design

Want to progress your team from novices to professional in-house 3D CAD jewellery designers?

We provide the easy-to-understand software, training courses and support you need to achieve success.

Sierra Consultancy is the official 3DESIGN software reseller and support provider for the UK & Ireland.

We also provide the full Gravotech Type3 suite of 3SHAPER and DeepImage™, and engraving software Type Edit and Laser Type.

Find the right solution for your jewellery business:

3D Jewellery Design and Engraving Software


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"We highly recommend Sierra Consultancy, Pooja Sahny and 3Design."

Simon Evans 

CAD Manager at Diamond Centre Wales

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